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6 Tips for the recovering travel addict

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  1. Give away the obscene amount of money that you make:  I suggest  You make a lot of money in the developed world.  You may make excuses: the cost of living is high, or we work really hard for that money.  But you’re kidding yourself.  You make an obscene amount of cash. You make thousands per year where others are making tens.  Give it away, you cheap son-of-a-bitch, give it away and stop pretending you can’t.  Do it not because of religion or obligation but because you have seen so many with far less
  2. De-friend any Facebook friends that are on the road.  This one depends on the severity of your addiction.  I took this step and felt much better.  Many of my friends are guides, or work in the travel industry.  Seeing posts like: ‘just felt total Zen with the mountain gorillas in Rwanda’ pretty much broke my spirit on a regular basis.  It may seem dramatic but for the recovering travel junkie this is the only way to go.
  3. Don’t give in to society: Use what you learnt abroad in your daily life.  People are happy, and gregarious when they travel.  Yes, you are grumpier now because you are obligated to do many things that you don’t want to and because life is monotonous here.  But this does not mean that you should give in.  Keep your travelling spirit even if it will be resting in the same bed every night.
  4. Play sports:  Don’t turn into a fat piece of shit who plops in front of the TV.  Run, bike, hike.  I don’t care if you’re up at 5am.  Here are the sports I do regularly: hockey, squash, soccer,windsurfing, kitesurfing, snowboarding, cycling, running, weight-training.  Trust me, you will feel much more satisfied with your life if you follow this advice
  5. Focus on the now: Okay, this is not a self help blog.  In fact, I totally reject self help in all its forms.  But I did fall into a trap that I am still trying to pull out of.  You may be an epic traveller.  You may have climbed every mountain and rode every beast.  But that was yesterday and you need to move on.  Your goals now are different and you should accept that and make the very best of what you have right now.
  6. Know you will travel again: If this was advice for other addicts- maybe heroin- I might not give the same advice.  But our addiction is, well, it’s awesome and life altering in a much better way.  Don’t stop doing what you are passionate about.  If you have kids and can’t afford big trips, go camping and see nature.  Bob Marley said it best:

But, see the morning sun, the morning sun,
On the hillside.
If you’re not living good, travel wide,
You gotta travel wide.
Said I’m a living man,
I’ve got work to do.
If you’re not happy, then you must be blue,
Must be blue, people say.


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