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Why the Maya are wrong about 2012- and so are we.


The Maya, according to ancient belief, said the world would end this year, in 2012.  The theory goes that the long calendar which they designed ended on this year, and this signifies the end for us all.  Now, the Maya were an incredibly advanced civilization.  True, they loved a good beheading, and it doesn’t sound like the most pleasant place to live.  But, give credit where it’s due- these guys were math wizzes and they were very advanced for their their time.

On their 2012 prediction, though, they were sorely wrong.  Now you will ask a very good question.  Who the hell is this guy to contradict an entire civilization?  How can he be so sure?

The answer, too, may not be that convincing.  It’s a hunch. It’s based on the fact that every culture has myths and to thrive in the world they need to be abide by them.  Case in point- us, or North Americans.  Some of the shit we believe truly boggles the mind.  Let’s start with the banal: I always laugh when I hear some of the diet regimes and cleanses that friends and colleagues believe will suddenly turn them into vigorous vixens of health.  No carbs before 10, but then 3 meats and a dairy.  Dear reader, the body just wants a balance of everything.  It wants a lot of good wholesome food.    Okay, but back to the point.  We have bigger myths.  We believe that love should last a lifetime, that we all have equal opportunity and that if we could just look more like George Clooney we would live better lives.  All of this is cultural and is specific to our time and it’s all bunk.

Don’t get me wrong- the Maya also had very bizarre beliefs. They practiced bloodletting and thought people could turn into serpents.  And I’m sure there are other off-the-wall credences that we will never know of.  But here’s the strange part. It’s not as if people suddenly believe in serpent gods and blood letting.  Yet, for whatever reason, the Maya myth that the world would end in 2012 is again rampant.    Well it remains to be seen if I’m wrong (and the beauty is I can never be held accountable if I am), I remain highly skeptical.

Now back to wedding planning, my MBA and straining my face in the mirror to work on my ‘Clooney’ smile.


Author: inthefuns

From Toronto, Canada

2 thoughts on “Why the Maya are wrong about 2012- and so are we.

  1. Yes, the Maya had some strange beliefs but the world coming to an end this year was not one of them. Nowhere in their texts do they speak of a rogue comet or meteor (or invisible planet), the poles flipping over, or any of the other Hollywood cataclysms so prevalent in popular culture.

    The whole “end of the world” thingy is a totally modern concept. Why else would the Maya talk about life under the next “Sun”?

    author of “12-20-2012; Our Last Golden Sunset?”
    available on Kindle 2-22-2012

  2. Hey Marshal,
    I couldn’t agree more. I think there is some sort of ingrained human predilection for planning for the apocalypse. Why else would Waco have happened, why is the most popular chapter in the bible Revelation? I find it strange that most people would find the majority of Mayan practices (bloodletting, the Ball Game etc.) absurd. Yet, all of this sudden when the topic at hand is their demise, they begin to take it seriously.

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