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20 Dead Children: Enjoy This Moment!


Let me start this way.  An absolute tragedy took place last Friday.  Deranged lunatic kills 20 small children, kills his mother, and kills himself.  There is no justification and no explanation.  It is simply reprehensible.    Now that this is established, let me say this.  Enjoy this week.  Enjoy this time when the media and the public is in mourning.  This is when the media, however briefly, tries to be sensitive, when the most staunch republican feels remorse about gun culture.  It’s a short-lived period where humanity, for only the teeniest fraction of second, takes a deep collective breath.


9/11 led to more war, not more aid

Immediately after 9/11 I recall this glimmer.  After, what can only be described as apolocyptic devastation, there was the shortest glimmer of sanity.  Explanations for why 9/11 occurred were immediate.  And while the bigotry and blame had already begun, a contrarian view almost made it to the foreground.  It went like this.  Is it possible that Anti-Americanism sentiment in the middle east is partly fueled by desperate people in desperate countries?  Could it be that decades of war has disenfranchised millions of people, to the point they have nothing left to live for except the faint hope that something better is waiting upon death?  Whether you agree or not, it was a rare, situational approach.  It looked not just at the immediate devastation, but at the bigger picture.  It was only in this ephemeral moment that a real public debate almost took hold.  A secure border, for instance, might have more to do with aid than with bombs.  It may be poverty that is the real challenge to public safety and that people, no matter where they live, their background or their religious beliefs actually want the same things: food and a decent standard of living for their families.  But the moment passed.  Instead, as could have been predicted, 9/11 led to two wars, more bloodshed and, ultimately, more hatred for the US.


Little Town prediction: More security, not more gun control.

Now back to NewTown.  Relative to 9/11 this was a small incident, but, for the victims and their families it is no less tragic.  And in its aftermath, we have arrived at a similar place.  There are glimmers of big picture thinking.  Why is it, for instance, that mental health issues are often ignored? Why don’t we treat these conditions with the same attention and care that we do victims of cancer or other chronic disease?  And, for that matter, how does a 20 year old get his hands on an assault rifle?  These are big picture questions that require deep, introspective, and divisive debates.  But, in my view, wrestling with these issues is the only way that similar incidents will not be repeated in the near future.  But fear not.  A reactive approach is on the way shortly.  And the proposed solutions will have little to do with the underlying problem and everything to do with the symptom.

After all, what better way is there to protect your children’s safety than better armed grade-school teachers in the classroom and more sensitive metal detectors at the entrance.


Author: inthefuns

From Toronto, Canada

3 thoughts on “20 Dead Children: Enjoy This Moment!

  1. This is a very glass half full post. I enjoyed reading it. Now here’s my glass half empty response. In fact, what’s in this glass? Is this even water…?

    There are two types of murder.

    Murders that serve ‘the agenda’ (such as these school children and the 3000 who died on 9/11) and murders that are a direct result of the agenda (such as million dead in Iraq, or the 500,000 who died from US led sanctions).

    In order for ‘the agenda’ to forge ahead, the first type of murder must be made as real and vivid as possible and the second type of murder must be made as vague and abstract as possible.

    And that’s it in a nutshell.

    On a slight tangent … your photo of the remains of WTC 1 you can see that sculpture thing (the sphere) which was in the plaza and which (obviously) survived. It was later relocated exactly 33,333 inches away in Battery Park (scroll down for the google map showing this)

    Also in your photo, directly underneath the tip of the tall white crane, is Stairwell B where 14 people survived. (scroll down to bottom of page for interview with one of the survivors).

    “….Immediately after 9/11 I recall this glimmer. After, what can only be described as apolocyptic devastation, there was the shortest glimmer of sanity. …”

    I agree that 9/11 brought people together and many social divisions were broken down as people grieved and helped each other get through their losses, but overall I detected very little actual sanity after 9/11…….. just lots of trauma…

    • Sorry, forgot to add the url to one of the links, the correct link is:

      33,333 inches away in Battery Park

    • Friend. You give way too much credibility to others. The idea that there is “an agenda” means that there is a person, or people responsibe for calculating a worlwide plan. Your post indicates that this plan is executed to perfection- 3.3333 inches. People are fallible, and there is no agenda. If there is any “cause”, you could credibly argue that it is world politics or culture. Otherwise, there are just sad, desperate, and unstable people with too little to lose and this results in tragic incidents such as 9/11 and Newtown Thank you for your post, but I respectfully disagree.

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