North American Contrarian

Telling it like it is… in North America


Please join me on my quest.  I am trying to recruit people just like you.

Yes, you- you know who you are. You live in a land of milk and honey.  At your fingertips is the wealth of the world.  You can access all of the knowledge ever produced simply by flicking on your computer.  Your passport permits you to travel the world and your language skills give you instant credibility anywhere you go.  You’re at the forefront of a great boom that has propelled mankind into heights unimaginable only decades ago.  But what amazes you- even more than these incredible opportunities- is how little your compatriots care or even notice. Nope, they are too busy.  Busy in an incredible vortex called North American culture, where the ultimate quest is to acquire stuff, and then to flaunt said stuff to other fellow North Americans.

But not you… you, my friend, are a North American Contrarian.  Welcome to my blog,



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